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Hancock & Moore at Pedigo Furniture

Hancock & Moore logo
Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Hancock & Moore started with a vision to manufacture the finest quality furniture that would remain beautiful for generations. This became reality in 1981, when Hancock & Moore was founded. That vision is displayed in each piece of Hancock & Moore furniture through the skillful touch of master craftsmen like Jimmy Moore.

He grew up learning the skills of a carpenter, turning wood into artful creations. The desire to make distinctive furniture was an instilled value and the skill to make it was a gift. He spent hours carving, hand-sanding, sewing and upholstering handcrafted pieces. This, he decided, was the "ideal" way to build a unique brand of furniture. With the help of his fellow craftsmen, he transforms solid woods, soft leathers and fine fabrics into handcrafted furnishings no machine could ever match. Each piece of Hancock & Moore furniture bears the signatures of these artisans that created it. Whether it is crafting custom orders, or surveying production, his skilled vision for perfection remains.

Jimmy Moore is one of the last to leave at the end of each work day, assuring that your handcrafted Hancock & Moore piece will result in furniture that you will enjoy and can be proud of for years to come.